J. Denise Fuller (she, her, hers) is an African American LCSW who has over 25 years of experience as a mental health clinician, educator, writer, and consultant. JD earned a Master of Social Work degree from the renowned Smith College School of Social Work. She has held positions as a Clinical and Area Director for outpatient mental health programs and as an Adjunct Professor. JD is an activist and a “truth teller”. She is an advocate for equity, inclusion, and speaks out against inequality.


JD is sought after to provide education, training and consultation throughout the country on ways to navigate the difficult conversations related to systemic, internalized racism, White privilege, and the tenets of oppression. She focuses on using a mental health lens to guide the process. JD is esteemed for her insight, empathy, authenticity, unique perceptive, and ability to empower, while providing education. JD is a firm believer that one’s truth lives in the body and the lived experience guides the process of how we integrate new information.


The youngest of nine children, JD experienced how myopic teaching distorted her understanding of American history. JD’s curiosity led her to ultimately reject what she learned and to find the truth which culminated in her graduate thesis on The Racial Identity Development of the African American Female. These realizations catalyzed for JD a lifetime of experiential learning and commitment to teaching about and advocating for others.


JD works within the Black and White continuum to facilitate the learning process in the safe space she creates in order to explore the systems that have oppressed our learning. JD is solution-focused in guiding change. Her clinical work has been girded by her dedication to help you discover your authentic self. Additionally, Fuller is currently podcasting, writing and teaching about issues related to racism, social injustice through her mental health lens. She continues to speak out wherever she sees social inequity today to Change The Narrative.











 JD Fuller

(she her and hers)