During these challenging times, when companies are afraid of taking the wrong step, or even worse, doing nothing, you need a consultant who is an expert in navigating this rough, unpredictable terrain.


According to some futurists, the following are attributes that will be demanded of employees in the diverse workplace: literacy on global issues, sensitivity to world culture and on cultural issues, a high level of proficiency in using technology, ability to successfully work on a team, development of emotional intelligence, ethical behavior, and the ability to learn and innovate.


Employees in agencies and corporations may appear to operate as individuals who are separate entities but, it is actually more like a family system with strengths and weaknesses that represent both high function and dysfunction. J.Denise Fuller is able to use her clinical training to guide the individual and collective process in order to produce successful high-performance teams. She has extensive experience working with corporate America, the private sector, and non-profit agencies. Through her unique lens, JD is able to deconstruct the systemic challenges and use a solution focus to arrive at the desired outcome. She is able to join with you to create an alliance that will build bridges of equity and inclusion. It is JD’s job to develop opportunities that address these needs. This is no small task but collaboratively it is possible.


JD has worked in partnership with school staff, community programs and families within these environments to provide training opportunities that facilitate inclusion. She has worked collaboratively with the board of directors and development offices as well as participated in hiring with Human Resources to ensure inclusive practices. She ensures that all decision making is linked to the school’s plan for creating diverse opportunities for learning. JD has met regularly with administration and leadership teams to share, learn, problem-solve, and ultimately monitor progress toward meeting their mission, vision, and values.


JD Fuller has developed, administered, and facilitated training programs for children, adolescents, and adults. She has created and led inclusive, sensitivity, anti-racist, leadership and empowerment workshops to enhance personal growth and team building skills. JD provides experiential opportunities to assist the participants in furthering their knowledge of systemic, internalized racism, oppression and White supremacy. JD uses historical context to inform participant’s process and offers guidance in real time to engage in difficult conversation and problem solving.


JD will introduce you to unknown parts of yourself during the process of learning that may feel uncomfortable but you will also feel safe in doing so. JD is a firm believer that shame will hold you hostage but if you work to discover your humility it can be the catalyst for individual and collective growth.


JD also provides consultation and group supervision for clinicians who desire to become anti racist in their clinical practice. The issues explored include:


  • Exploring the role of systemic racism and white supremacy in clinical practice.
  • Exploring the possible limitations of theory and various treatment modalities when treating African Americans and other people of color.
  • Provide support for Clinicians who want to do their own racial identity work in order to do no harm with their clients.
  • What does it means to be an anti-racist clinician?
  • How to hold yourself and others accountable to uphold the integrity to own your racism and to become a whole person as a therapist.
  • How to discuss reparations in clinical work.
  • Understanding what safety means from an oppressed person’s perspective.
  • Exploring the accurate history of African Americans in this country and how it can inform their clinical work.
  • Heightening awareness of the clinician’s experience of privilege and safety. Understanding the possible impact of privilege when working with African Americans and other clients of color.
  • Introduce the importance of collaborative transparency between client and therapist. between patient and therapist.












 JD Fuller

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