J.Denise has successfully taught Human Development and Sexuality at Greenwich Academy, a college preparatory high school. She has taught Multiculturalism in Mental Health, Lesbian, Love, Identity and will be teaching Society and Individual at the graduate school level at Antioch University as well as teaching Diversity Considerations in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the New Center for Psychoanalysis.


J.D can develop a curriculum for your learning geared toward relevant issues we are confronted with today using a proactive focus on dismantling systems that oppress. You will learn how to commit to change and advocate for core values of universal human rights. You will engage in a reflective process which includes use of self, self-analysis, observation, and curiosity to determine purposeful action geared toward increasing knowledge and effectiveness.


JD believes we need to develop empathic communities who think critically, problem-solve effectively, who are aware of the similarities and differences both locally and globally. JD creates opportunities for interactive learning where questions can be explored and research shared. She teaches you to tolerate discomfort, navigate conflict while feeling safe and supported. JD encourages intellectual curiosity and supports the learner to enhance their social and emotional development.


JD firmly believes that the goal of any learning experience should be to do no harm. She is a thoughtful, empathic, passionate social worker and educator– always excited about the possibilities. She believes all people can and want to learn and that it is the educator’s responsibilities to find the specific methodology that works for each unique individual and provide the resources necessary for their success. JD continues to learn so that she can discuss, reflect, and refine her practices to ensure that she meets the needs of all learners.












 JD Fuller

(she her and hers)